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Catling pt. 2!

I think everyone who keeps up with me on LJ knows that I have a catling, but just in case not... CATLING!!! The name she came with is Lexi, I think she was originally named Donna (we get email from the microchip people, and they're always on about someone named Donna), and she is ALSO named Cattywhompus/Night Whomps/Whomps. Right now she is sleeping on my lap. She is a Russian Blue, according to the pet rescue place (Anjellicle Cat Rescue). She is big and silvery gray and verrrrry soft. She's also pretty vocal, which is often cute but occasionally (between midnight and seven am, specifically) annoying. She likes to sleep on our bed and, if she's being good, wait until the alarm goes off to start walking on us and meowing in our faces. My dad got her a pet drinking fountain for Christmas, which she was scared of for like a week but now likes.

Another thing: it is 2012! Hooray! I just got an email a couple days ago reminding me that it's now less than FOUR MONTHS until my wedding. CRAZY TALK! Sweetie and I met with our caterer again this weekend. He's awesome, guys. Just you wait. We were talking about rentals this time (the menu is settled) and arranging the room. It's a cocktail reception, you see, so it'll be mostly finger foods + Mediterranean table, and the idea is for people to MINGLE and also eat a lot of delicious things. So there's not room for everyone to sit down at once, so... MINGLE! Dance. Lean on the high tables. Wander around Prospect Park if it's nice outside (pleeeeeease be nice outside). Hang around the bar (open but limited) if you're that type.

I'm about to write thank-you notes, and sweetie is playing his new Zelda game. Lexi is still on my lap but now awake. I have a very short week of work next week, which is nice (Dad's getting very fancy award then wedding in Dominican Republic!!) but terrible timing -- it's the only time besides my honeymoon that I plan on being out, and of course that's the week our trial gets postponed to. It should be my trial (as in, the docket number is odd, and I handle the odd-numbered matters), and I feel bad about missing so much of it.

I had a wonderful Christmas, especially seeing family out in Colorado, and got many wonderful presents, especially a BOATLOAD of books. Right now I'm finishing the Hunger Games series. LOVE IT! Katniss could maaaaybe get over herself in Book 3, but it's kinda like Book 5 Harry Potter -- they're over the top annoying and angsty and yell-y but also blaming themselves for things beyond their control, but I guess they have good reason to be a bit unstable. I also got several Kazuo Ishiguro books -- I cannot ever read enough of him -- more Robin McKinley (I'm sooo close to having read all of them), and other random sf/f nerdery.

I also got a replacement Kindle. People don't know this because I haven't been spreading it around, but I got mugged a couple weeks ago. Now that it's in the past, I can say it and it's not such a big deal (it happened the day before a Christmas party with friends, so downer), but that is hence the replacement Kindle. I can say that the dude got a pretty weak haul. I had literally no cash on me, I locked out all my cards that night, I deactivated my Kindle the next day (someone a few days later tried to buy children's books on it), and I had a pound of smoked salmon there from my judge. Enjoy your smelly fish, dude. He didn't get what is BY FAR the most valuable thing I had on my person, my ring, or my phone. Not that it's such a hot item either; I was mostly glad that I could call sweetie and have him come and get me from the lobby. Replacing all the lost things and getting locks changed was SUPER annoying. The feeling of helplessness was the worst but the inconvenience of replacing the necessities in my backpack and wallet is a close second. The actual items I lost is just third.

WELP. On to thank-yous! And on to 2012, WOOOOO!!!


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Jan. 10th, 2012 07:00 am (UTC)
I originally read "dance" followed by "tables" as "dance on tables"!

Microchip people? Does Lexi have a disabled tracking device? I'm curious about how she got the apparently chaotic and bouncy names! Cattywhompus? O_o

What books what books? (Oddly, Nicaea #1 had a piece of tech in common with The Hunger Games and Half Life 2. I realised that /after/ writing it, so I'm glad to have the company).
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